Pal Rescue and Adoption
located in the South Bay working to place abandoned
and unwanted dogs in safe, permanent homes


who we are

We are a 501c nonprofit organization located in the South Bay, working to places abandoned and unwanted dogs in safe and permanent homes. For the past 15 years, we have places over 3000 rescued dogs, cats and more.

We have a very robust adoption program. We carefully screen each prospective "pet parent".

Spaying and neutering is a requirement of each adoption. We vaccinate all of our dogs and take care of any known medical requirements before they find a forever home.

Examples of some of the ways we take in/rescue dogs:
- Owner gives up the dog
- Dog is abandoned
- Dog is rescued from an abusive environment
- Dogs/Puppies found on the streets with no tag/no microchip
- Calls from shelters

How to contact us? send an email to

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